HoneyBee3D is a dedicated 3D Printing and Scanning Retail Store. We offer pay per prints, educational classes, printer and accessories sales, 3D CAD file generation, rapid prototyping and 3D Scanning services. We are open Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment.  You can submit a quote online, call us at 510-516-6127 or email us: info@Honeybee3D.com


Our First Retail Store Opened October 5th, 2013*

* Six more Bay Area locations planned for 2014!!

See our Contact-Us page for hours and directions.

Why a retail store? 

3D printing will change the way you see yourself in this world.  Imagine that you have an idea for something whimsical or absolutely useful, but never knew how to make that thing appear in physical form.

Maybe you don't want to invest in a garage full of tools (or don't even have a garage!), or do not have such high-volume needs that would send you to large manufacturers....3D printing can make your ideas into reality.

Now you can harness the power of 3D prints to create a design of your choice.  You can train yourself to be both an artist and a mechanical engineer, test out your designs, reiterate if something is not quite right, and work until your creation has come to life.

Or you can also work with people who are trained to take your ideas and quickly turn them into something that you can print over and over on a 3D printer in your home, or at a exciting physical store like HoneyBee3D.

Anything you can think of can be handled by 3D printing, and it will change the world.  The change has already started, and we are sure that you will start to see local hardware stores or public libraries embrace this technology that turns ordinary people into the designers and makers that they always wanted to be.

Even if you just need "one" of something, 3D printing offers you the capabilities of an entire prototype fabrication shop in one desktop 3D printer to create, iterate, and make your imagination take form. We believe in person, local customer service is key to using this new technology.